Kinesio Taping for Foot & Ankle

Kinesio Taping for Foot & Ankle

We now offer Kinesio taping for our patients to increase the painless range of motion and muscular power. The method can be used to support the body’s own healing process e.g. through the circulation, lymphatic system and neurophysiology.

As for the joint mechanics, Kinesio Taping can be used to increase the joint’s range of motion, guide the joint to act functionally right and bring mechanical support to the joint by pulling the tape tight or applying more tape layers. Still, kinesio taping works primarily through the sensory system whereas the traditional sport tape has true mechanical effect too.

Theoretical effects of Kinesio Taping:

  • Pain control
  • Range of motion increases
  • Muscular power increases
  • Circulation and lymphatic flow increases
  • Fibrotic tissue (scar) softens
  • Joint mechanics improve and right function is learned
  • Joint support improves
  • Muscle tone normalizes
  • Placebo effect

Indications for use of Kinesio taping:

  • Ankle Instability
  • Plantar Fasciitis
  • Peroneal Tendonitis
  • Ball of the foot pain
  • Top of the foot pain
  • Heel pain
  • Bunion pain
  • Turf toe
  • Achilles tendonitis

Benefits of Kinesio Taping:

  • Relieve acute and overuse injury
  • Promote circulation and healing
  • Reduce pain
  • Improve muscle function
  • Re-educate neuromuscular system
  • Provide support to a joint
  • Prevent injury

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